“HFB” Heavy Flat-Bottom En-Masse

The Essmueller HFB is an industry leader in Heavy Duty Flat Bottom conveyors, which carry the maximum volume of material within the trough structure for true En-Masse conveying. HFB conveyors are most effective in horizontal and low incline applications, where the rise is less than 14°. Some material, depending on its behavior, can use a bend section within an approved range of incline. The heavy duty standards for these conveyors include: Heavy duty angle flanges, #10 gauge trough sides and bottoms with options for A.R. Steel liners up to 3/8”, return rails with A.R. Steel wear strips, Heavy Duty “Engineered” all steel chain, 5/8” thick UHMW flights, split head and tail sections and split sprockets. Single chain application can convey up to 70,000 BPH (87,000 CFPH), with custom “Super” capacity designs with dual chain options available upon request.